Banale Pillow: 3-in-1 Memory Foam Omni Pillow

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by Aaron Ekblad on December 20, 2017
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Banale Pillow

December 20, 2017

Banale Pillow is a 3-in-1 versatile pillow that can be transformed into neck pillow, double pillow and topper pillow. It is made of soft memory foam. With the provided water-resistant pouch, it can be packed into a small size of a mango for portability.


Dimension (flat) - 11.8" x 21.8" x 1.8"
Material - Memory foam

One travel pillow, endless sleeping possibilities!

Having a good sleep at night, energy-replenishing power nap at work or just a few minutes of doze in the commute can be very helpful for the next few hours of your workplace productivity. With that, we human average took one-third of our life sleeping. Sleeping is so important to reload your bullet/energy for the next day. Without enough sleep, your mental and physical state will perish in a matter of hours.

With that, a good pillow can’t be neglected. A premium-grad pillow provides a soft and comfortable surface for your head to rest on. However, not all the pillow in the market gives you the quality, affordable price, coziness, and versatility in one. Regardless of so many kinds of the pillow in the market, very few of them are solving your neck problem and comfortable to use at the same time.

For example, the existing solution of 3 in 1 pillow in the market such as this one I found on Amazon is indeed low in price but the comfortability is compromised.

That’s when Banale pillow comes in.

Banale is a new Italian startup founded in 2014 and since then has created two successful campaigns on Kickstarter. Previously, they have created POLO toothbrush and Silver Mask. Now they are coming back with their latest product, the Banale pillow, a memory foam 3 in 1 versatile pillow for travel.

But what is that? Does it worth a buy?

The secret…

Banale Omni-pillow: 3 in 1 for travel

The Banale pillow is a versatile travel pillow designed for your daily commute and traveling use. It is made of super soft and comfy untouched memory foam. The memory foam is a higher density low-resilience polyurethane that is softer than a normal pillow and is able to mold perfectly to your head shape. What good it brings is to provide an even weight distribution and induce a better sleep experience.

What’s more?

Neck Pillow

For versatility, the Banale pillow can be folded up into a neck pillow. It is useful for those who happen to sleep a lot in the car, office, bus, train or plane. No more neck pain, but a better and recharging nap. There is a side pocket to keep your cell phone or wallet with ease, in front of it. there is also a headphone port for music fanatics.  On the other side of the pad, it comes with a thoughtful blanket catcher.

Double Pillow and Pillow Topper

Banale Pillow is compactly designed to transform to 3 other uses.

If you think one Banale is too thin for you, fold it up into a double pillow for a short lunch-break napping. Or open it flat to wear it on your hotel pillow for added comfort. For any outdoor activity, you can easily transform it into a small water-resistant pack with the provided cover pouch. The pouch is water and dirt resistant with a sleek and modern design. The side of the pouch comes with an elastic strap and a hook for conveniently attaching to the backpack or luggage. The cover is also removable and washable.

Price and Bonuses

Banale Pillow is available in 3 colors — Oceanic blue, Azalea pink, and Notte grey. Each is expected to retail at about $94, but you can get one now for as low as only $46. Under the Kickstarter special, you can get a big cut up to 50% discount off the future retail price.

For bonuses, Banale is giving out different rewards for each pledge, which including an eye mask, ear plug, travel blanket, travel brush, and travel towel.

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- 3-in-1 Smartly designed and highly versatile pillow.
- High-density memory foam for maximum comfortability.
- Water and dirt resistant small cover pouch for portability.
- Made in Italy.


- Existing similar product in the market.

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Banale pillow is a versatile pillow for outdoor. It can be expanded into 3 uses — neck pillow, double pillow and topper pillow. It is made of soft and comfortable memory foam thus providing good comfort whenever you need it, such as in the office, commuting or even traveling. The portability is the key, with the provided tough pouch, it can be fitted into a small size of a mango.

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