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FinalStraw – The Collapsible and Reusable Straw

FinalStraw is a reusable straw to save our environment from plastic wastes. In this review, we will discuss whether is this new straw system worth a buy.

Plastic wastes are everywhere and we know about it. Each day, tons of plastic wastes are being produced and polluting our natural wildlife and habitat. One of the main cause is the single-use plastic products, such as the plastic bag, water bottle, cutlery, cup, straws and the list goes on.

For just a few minutes of conveniences, it consequenced in more than 400 years for our planet to digest. Many of these wastes ended up in the ocean, mostly in the form of micro-plastic, which often eaten by marine animals and lead to death.

With that in mind, FinalStraw is a new Kickstarter project embracing the idea to bring the plastic pollution movement.

Good storyline, but…

In spite of that, is this product idealistically feasible?

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this reusable straw?

A great idea has to be easily implemented and realistically feasible so that it will have a good impact. A bad example would be like this Pokeat lunchbox which we covered not long ago. Similar to this FinalStraw, many of these eco-friendly products are nice ideas, but with the poor actual execution. That said, FinalStraw is designed to be 9″ in length and comes with a 3″ ABS case to fit into your handbag or keychain nicely.

However, as for the general consumers, having to carry along a reusable straw means that you will have to wash and dry the straw everytime after using it. This hassle is not for everyone. Also, improper cleaning or wet condition may actually promote the bacteria and mold to grow in it, as well as attracting insects like ants.

As from the businessman’s point of view, this product certainly does not come cheap. In the name of charity, each straw is selling on Kickstarter for $20, which in fact the profit margin is going to be huge. Meanwhile, it is now having more than 10,000 backers to support their project. However, the creators do not seem to donate any portion of the earning to the charity organizations, in spite of all the eco-talk. For that, the creators have later created a new $30 Earth Day pledge in partner with PPC (Plastic Pollution Coalition) to donate $5 for every purchase under that particular pledge level. Think about it, they will still be getting $20 for the straw, $5 for laser engraving and $5 (of your money, not theirs) to the charity.

It has also been mentioned by a backer:

If you’re wanted to be part of the movement, I would advise donating directly via the official Plastic Pollution Coalition here. On one hand, our developing counties folks simply can’t afford $20 for just a straw, whereby the single-use plastic straw pollution problem will still be going on there.

On the other hand, FinalStraw is only available in 1 standard size and style. As for those who is a fanatic over jelly/pears included bubble tea or boba tea, that’s not a good news.

Is this straw worth it? I don’t think so.

Put it in a different way, any plastic straw can be reusable, just wash and keep it for the next time. People often fall for the sale gimmick in the name of charity, which in reality, doesn’t really help much to our mother earth. If you really wanted to get yourself a reusable (not plastic) straw, here is a stylish one I found on Amazon which will cost you lesser than half the FinalStraw (w/ shipping fee).

Alternatively, check out this edible straw project on Indiegogo.

FinalStraw - The world's first collapsible and reusable straw
FinalStraw - The world's first collapsible and reusable straw

This campaign (and offers) ended on Sat, May 19 2018.

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