Outline Montréal Sound Reactive LED Mask

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by Aaron Ekblad on December 20, 2017
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Sound Reactive LED Mask by Outline Montreal

December 20, 2017

This is an electro-luminescent mask that synchronizes to any music rhythm. It comes with 8 fashionable designs. Perfect for any night party.


Dimension - 8.7" x 8.2"
Weight - 2.82 oz

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This LED mask is freaking cool!

Ever since the human exists, mask has been used for various purposes such as for a ritual performance, to represent social status, and for disguise. With the advancement of technology, mask is still widely used today in our society. For example, we have commonly known the protective mask for officers, mask in the medical field, and not to forget the mask for the burglars, etc.

Apart from all that, this mask by the title is for the youngsters who love night fun.

To lit up a whole party, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? Music, dancing and of course loads of booze.

A mask? no way.

Brought to you by a Canadian startup called Outline Montréal who had their first successful sound reactive LED mask Kickstarter campaign earlier in 2016. The campaign was a huge success with $33,947 funded with only $5,800 as the goal. After a year of improvement, they are now back with the latest Outline Montreal mask.

Before we get deeper, there are actually already quite a number of sound reactive LED masks available in the market. To make a good comparison, we have found this one sound reactive mask on Amazon. This mask is powered by two AA batteries, uni-design, received a mixed review, and the average Amazon ratings are 3.1 out of 5 stars. Below are the few of the other that you might want to check them out.

Okay, coming back to this new Kickstarter sound reactive mask, let’s see what’s up in the sleeve.

This sound reactive mask 2.0 is now having 8 new designs and the mask weight is much lighter than the previous. Each of them is beautifully and uniquely designed, naming of Jaguar 2.0, Fox, Obamask, Grizzlight, King, Duke, Wildcat and y-Robot. The end result of the integration of music and lighting art is a mesmerizing sound reactive LED mask that displays dazzling lightings in accordance with the music rhythm.

It is not hard to tell why is this LED mask been marked as “Project We Love” by Kickstarter. The cool part is inside the mask.

Outline Montreal Sound Reactive LED Mask has three layers. The first layer is a high-quality PWB printed design. The second layer is a phosphorus ink layer, where houses all the LEDs. Phosphorus ink has been used in watches to light up the interface while consumed minimal power. Also, it is cold to touch and safe for hours of use. The phosphorus layer is connected to a lithium modular located at the back of your head via a hidden cable. The third layer is a thin 1mm protective layer to keep your face safe from all electrical component on the layer 2nd.

The lithium modular is where the sound signal received and later converted to electrical signals for LEDs to kill the music beats. It uses a DC5V lithium-ion battery that lasts for more than 8 hours in a single charge. The side of the modular has a wheel where you can adjust the sound sensitivity.

To get started, simply press the button on the back and you are ready to rock.

Price and Bonus

Not only is this mask fun and awesome, but also the price! The Outline Montréal mask starts at only $19 on Kickstarter. You will get a LED mask of your choice, a sound reactive modular, and a USB charger. Check out below for detail.

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- 8 fashionable mask designs.
- Last for more than 8 hours.
- Adjustable sound reactive sensitivity.
- Low and reasonably priced.


- Unable to customize (mobile App, etc).
- Only one mask size available.

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This Sound Reactive LED Mask by Outline Montreal is one very affordable LED mask compared to the similar mask in the market. The designs are awesome and the lighting is captivating. A must-have for party fun.

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