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UpCart City – The Convenient Stair-climbing Cart

UpCart City is a folding cart specializes in climbing stair up and down. In this review, we will discuss whether is this cart worth buying.

For those who are living on the upper floors apartment, dealing with staircase while carrying the heavy boxes/bags is probably one of your everyday routines. For that, UpCart is a folding cart came to resolve this problem by introducing their flagship patented 3-wheel design carts. Over years, the company launched many versions, including the original UpCart, UpCart ProShopper, UpCart Deluxe and UpCart lift.

All the UpCart versions were quite similar, despite the main changes are in the size and design, the backbone concept remained.

Back in 2014, UpCart launches the first Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, it was ended unfunded for a few reasons where we will discuss later on in the session below. Now, they are back to the stage with a newer version called UpCart City.

What We Love About This Cart

UpCart is an established brand on the market for quite a while and loved by many. Over years, they have received many positive feedbacks from the customers and have been rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon (check here for reviews). Therefore, we will then have many proven references on the quality part by the customer themselves.

Many similar grocery carts are not “that foldable” and appear to be too big and bulky to even carry around. UpCart, on the other hand, has a smart and thoughtful size and design just enough to hold the load, regardless if you are everyday mom or elderly with back problems. Unlike the other stair climbing cart, UpCart is much portable, lighter, and can be folded flat easily in seconds. Therefore, you will then have no problem keeping it in your car.

If you are interested in UpCart and would like to support their new Kickstarter campaign, the early bird deal starts at only $49 (plus free shipping to most states in the US).

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this folding cart?

Besides the things that have been glorified, what are the other things that you need to take note is that the folding grocery carts market is pretty crowded with many similar products. UpCart has a patented folding pattern but not on the 3-wheel design. That said, one of the good competitors for UpCart is this one by ROYI, which is technically lighter in weight, cheaper and marked as “Amazon’s Choice” under the category.

On one hand, The UpCart City is very much resembling the other versions with no major differences. For this time, it appears to be lighter (8lbs) and can haul up to only 77 lbs. While it’s definitely sufficient for normal groceries uses, but not for loading up some heavier boxes (such as the yard supplies and electronics). Therefore, if you would like to use it for heavy duty, you may want to consider getting the Deluxe version on Amazon via here, which has a stronger framework to support up to 125 lbs. And yes, it’s not cheaper.

While most of the customers are happy with the carts, some have reported that the cart folds very easily even with a simple nudge when resting on the front brace. End up, the cart turning inward almost everytime after unlocking.

Due to the design preferences, UpCart is not designed to carry the heavy object in compared to the competitors.

Many have a negative feedback on the quality issue after using it to carry heavier object (lower than the limitation weight), and some even reported that the metal parts bent and the plastic feet broke after several uses.

Overall, is this worth it? It’s a yes from us if you are not using it to carry heavier item. Although the regular UpCart’s price (on Amazon) is slightly higher than many of the competitor’s, it now has a great deal for the Kickstarter new launch which starts at only $49. The shipping is free for the most states in the US, however for customers from the other countries, you may need to put up a wait for it.

UpCart® City: The Most Compact Stair Climbing Cart!
UpCart® City: The Most Compact Stair Climbing Cart!

This campaign (and offers) is now funding on Kickstarter.

7 Total Score

This cart specializes in climbing staircases.

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